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Visit Mexico City

Mexico City has something for everybody. From cultural and historical precincts (Mexico City has over 150 museums!), to monumental arenas and event venues, parks and neighborhoods both traditional and luxuriously modern, which shows that in Mexico City there’s no room for boredom.

Previously known as Distrito Federal, it has 16 boroughs and an assortment of neighborhoods, so different from one another and with well-defined architectural styles that go from the exuberant baroque, colonial and neoclassical to the art nouveau and art deco.

Just in the Historic Center one can enjoy iconic constructions like the Latin American Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Metropolitan Cathedral, and just a few steps further having a look of the ruins of the Templo Mayor.

It’s home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful buildings: from the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts in Juarez Avenue, with its murals by Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, the historic Palacio de Mineria in Tacuba 5 and the stunning Palacio Postal in Tacuba 1, to the imposing Chapultepec Castle, the most representative constructions of our country are in Mexico City; the Angel de la Independencia, the Monument to Revolution, the Diana Cazadora Fountain, El Caballito and the Hemiciclo a Juarez.

Facts of Interest about Mexico City:

1. There are approximately 156 museums in Mexico City, a figure that earned it the name of City of Museums.

2. The Mexico City Zocalo Square or Plaza de la Constitución is one of the most emblematic areas.

3. Mexico’s tallest skyscraper is in Mexico City. It’s the Torre Reforma, which rises to a total height of 246 meters.

4. Mexico City has 8 archaeological zones, among them Cuicuilco, Tlatelolco and Teotihuacan. The excavations at the Templo Mayor have allowed findings like offerings, murals, temples and a traditional Ball Game.

5. Mexico City has the world’s second most visited sanctuary. The Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe received 14 million visitors each year, a number that only the Vatican beats.